05 - june - 20


The SOGAFRIC Group has put in place a set of measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19. These provisions contain, on the one hand, all the governmental measures that are updated with official communications and, on the other hand, practical awareness measures for our employees and our customers.

The information of the barrier gestures was posted in all the workplaces of the companies of the SOGAFRIC Group, in particular :

To ensure that barrier measures are understood and applied, the Group has set up an awareness-information campaign aimed at all employees and permanent suppliers. This campaign was led by all our QHSE staff and was conducted by the Group's Medical Officer with the effective participation of our employees.

The SOGAFRIC Group has also ensured the supply of protective equipment for its employees. Thus, all employees of the SOGAFRIC Group have been provided with two fabric masks, with washing recommendations (in addition to the masks, visors, gloves and others already made available to employees according to their exposure).

In the context of occupational health monitoring, any case that appears suspicious (presenting symptoms of fever, cough, breathing difficulties, etc.) must be reported immediately to the department heads or to the General Management of each company. Thermo lasers have been made available to each site.

The companies of the SOGAFRIC Group regularly proceed to the disinfection of the working and reception areas. Temperature measurement by Thermoflash and hand disinfection at the entrance of our companies is mandatory.


All the measures retained on the Libreville bases are applicable in all our agencies.

Specific instructions have been given to the security agents on all our bases and agencies, namely :


Thermoflash temperature measurement and hand disinfection at the entrance of our companies is mandatory for our customers.

The latter are invited to enter our structures and strips are affixed to the ground to respect the distance.

The companies of the SOGAFRIC Group reserve the right to refuse entry to any person who does not comply with the rules. Similarly, any person presenting suspicious symptoms (excessive sweating, coughing, temperature above normal...) may be refused access to our companies. Employees and any other person frequenting our premises are reminded on posters of the measures to follow in the event of a suspicious case of a client or employee. The emergency call numbers as well as the medical training centers authorized to take charge of suspicious patients are also posted wherever necessary on all our sites.


All governmental measures relating to limitations and prohibitions are in force in all our companies. Other measures have also been posted at all our bases and agencies, such as :

– Gatherings of more than 30 people are strictly prohibited;

– Wearing a mask remains mandatory in public places, markets, shops and transportation ;

– The curfew from 10 pm to 5 am remains in force on the whole national territory.

For any information or reports, call :